How Will We Listen To Music In The Future?

This is not a very easy question but deserves speculation. With music being undeniably an integral part of our lives, it will most likely follow the same trends we see in technology. With almost every industry advancing day by day, it is only fair to ask how we will listen to music in the future. Let’s see the possibilities of how music will evolve in the coming years.

Getting the music under the skin

With the technological advancement in the healthcare industry and a better understanding of the human body and skin, new ways of listening to music will be triggered. For instance, a wearable device will recognize the body’s mood when worn and play the music depending on your body’s mood.

Another technology could be invented whereby your mood is activated by inserting an object in your body, and it selects a song that pumps up your adrenaline. This makes you feel the beats of the music right in your skin.

Virtual Music Reality

This is already being seen in some music platforms such as Virtify. A virtual music platform by Facundo Diaz. Through virtual music reality platforms, users will virtually attend live concerts, giving them a real experience of physically being in the show.

Users will be able to choose between an ordinary or immersive experience, with music videos becoming augmented.

The Universal Music Group has already announced its plans to partner with iHeartMedia to develop the technology. You will attend the live concerts virtually and view the backstage and artists’ footage from a closer angle than before.

Voice Mediated Music Consumption

Smart Speakers will completely change the way we consume music. Instead of interacting with texts and scrolling through the playlists to find a track, voice queries will allow us to find a song that suits our mood effortlessly, just like how we talk to Google voice assistants, Siri Cortana. But it will be a more improved technology that could even read the mood of your voice.

The rise of local music and reporters

As opposed to what we see today, where music is more of a global aspect, with many international stars that are listened to almost everywhere, the future will see the music getting localized. With Artificial Intelligence in play, most people will become artists and produce their music. The technology will support even those who never thought of having tracks. This will produce several artists, making the music more centralized in their local regions.


The music industry is set to ultimately face the disruption, change and feel the impact of ever-changing technology. How we listen to music in the future will also be impacted by the modern ways that seek to provide even better experiences for listeners and the music industry.

In the next 20 years, music streaming and personalization will conquer the markets and give many people access to new forms of music consumption.